Princetta J


Princetta J

Princetta J

Princetta J’s Bio


I am a 31 year old fashion stylist, in the making. I would describe my style as classic with a twist. I am drawn to simplicity and elegance, but I tend to gravitate towards unique prints and patterned pieces that take a simple look, to chic… hence the twist. I ask a series of questions to determine who clients are, so that I am able tailor a wardrobe that is unique for them. I am up on the latest trends, but rather than try and fit my client in whatever’s “hot” I go for what works best for their personality and body type. By doing so, this allows my client to exude that confidence from within. Matching a person’s inner beauty with what’s on the outside is what brings me so much joy in life! Take a look at some of my personal looks:


Look 1: (less is more)

Midi dresses are a huge trend, it’s the perfect mix of classy and sassy, the length gives you a classier look and the fit gives you just the right amount of sass. I have paired a tribal print midi dress w/ a black oversized clutch and basic black heel. Because the dress is busy, I added gold accessories.


Look 2: (chic comfort)

Joggers were huge for this past fall! In this look I used a few wardrobe staples to pull it together, like the blazer and screen tee. Added a funky leopard print shoe for a twist and a hot pink clutch for a pop of color, BAM comfortable yet chic!


Look 3: (sophisti-sexy secretary)


Princetta J


Princetta J


Princetta J

Who says that your attire has to be drab in the office?! By taking a figure flattering peplum dress, adding a cardigan (wardrobe staple), nude wedge , skinny belt, and topping it off with a printed statement piece necklace brought this look from “boring Betty” to “hellooooo nurse”… still very work appropriate.

Just a side note: A lot of average size women have a problem with the mid- section, the tummy i.e. having children, genetics, hormones etc… Whatever your reason, peplum dresses are awesome to have in your closet. They allow you to accentuate your best features and camouflage the stomach at the same time! Peplum dresses are also very versatile pieces because you can take them from work to date night, or cocktails with just a few adjustments of the accessories. Adding belts to your natural waist line on certain looks draw the eye to the smallest part of your body and gives you a slimmer appearance.

Look 4: (modern mommy)

Just because you are a mother,  doesn’t mean your style has to suffer…

For my Mother’s Day apparel, I have featured is a skater dress. Skater dresses are great for various shapes, sizes and ages… For example if you are blessed in the hip area, the volume on the bottom allows you to leave your curves to the imagination… This dress accentuates the smallest part of the body (the waistline) giving you a flirty, more conservative look. Skater dresses does wonders for women with narrower hips. The fuller a line cut on the lower half provides a balanced hourglass figure. Dresses perfect for women or mothers on the go because they are easy and don’t require much time; just add a nice cardigan or blazer.  NO HEELS REQUIRED… this frock works fabulously when paired with ballerina flats, sandals, or wedges, and there you have it, a quick no fuss look that works well for any occasion!

princetta j

Princetta J


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  1. Beat!!! I live for your stylish taste. #werk #MyStylist #GetIt


    • This is dbarnett3 I am not signed in thats why its listed as anonymous


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